dangerous baby products

Parents want the best for their children, and when it comes to babies, they just want them to be safe and healthy more than anything. 

Unfortunately, certain products on the market put your baby at a higher risk of injury. Keep reading to learn more about these dangerous baby products, and how and why to avoid using them.

1. Drop-Side Cribs

Drop-side cribs were originally designed to make it easier to get babies in and out of their cribs, but this comes with a huge risk of injury. 

The baby’s arms or legs can be pinned down by the drop side, they can fall out of the crib when the side is down, or they can get trapped in the gap between the drop-side in the mattress and suffocate. 

Drop-side cribs have caused many infant deaths in the past 20 years, many were recalled, and they were officially banned in 2009. 

For a safer choice, use a simple, standard crib with fixed sides. The safest option is a new crib, but if you’re getting a used one, be sure to not get one that is more than 10 years old because it may have other safety hazards. 


Cribs should also be simple, as baby clothes can get caught on ornate details, presenting a risk for strangulation. 

2. Bumpers

Bumpers are cushioned barriers that extend around the inside perimeter of a crib to keep babies from hitting their heads on the bars. 

Although these products were created to keep babies safe, they can have the opposite effect. Unfortunately, putting their face up against a bumper can cause a baby to suffocate in their sleep. Many children from one month to two years old have tragically passed away as a result of bumper crib barriers.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexpected death of a healthy baby in their sleep, and crib bumpers have been indicated as one cause of this tragedy. For a safer option, don’t use bumpers. Using just a fitted sheet on a crib mattress is advised to avoid any safety hazards.

3. Sleep Positioners

Sleep positioners are used to keep a baby in a certain position while they sleep. These were designed to prevent the baby from rolling over onto their side or stomach during the night. There are also wedges intended to prop up the baby’s head to help prevent acid reflux. 

Sleep positioners can suffocate a baby if they roll and put their face against it. After several infant deaths, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration called for these sleep positioners to be recalled and banned. Yet unfortunately, these products are still on the market. 

For a safer option, lay your baby on their back on a flat crib mattress. Check with your pediatrician if you’re concerned about congestion or acid reflux, but avoid sleep positioners. 

4. Infant Bath Seats

Infant bath seats are designed to help a baby sit up in the bath, which sounds helpful and even like it may increase safety, but they can be very dangerous. These seats can tip over if the baby squirms and the baby can hit their head, drown in the bath, or both. 

The reason these bath seats are extra dangerous is that sometimes parents think that they can leave their baby unattended in the bath if they are in a seat, even if it’s only for a minute. 

The majority of infant deaths associated with these bath seats occurred while the parent left the child unattended. For a safer option, bathe your baby in a plastic baby bathtub rather than a regular bathtub, and never leave your infant unattended in the bath. 

5. Unsecured Furniture

Furniture that is not properly secured to the wall or floor can easily tip over and crush an infant or small child. Whether your child is crawling, walking, or running, bumping into the furniture or grabbing onto something to pull themselves up can send it toppling over. 

Dressers, bookshelves, and TVs are very heavy and can kill a small child instantly. To keep your little ones safe, make sure that your furniture is secured to the wall with anchors, brackets, or straps. Also, make sure that televisions are secured and out of reach. 

Do you suspect your child was injured by a dangerous or defective product? We can help.

Even the most prepared parents sometimes still have to deal with the heartbreak of seeing their child injured because of defective items or dangerous baby products. If your child was injured and you suspect that an unsafe product may be to blame, we can help you. 

A Florida product liability attorney from Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath can help you get compensation for your child’s injury if it was caused by the carelessness or negligence of the manufacturer of a product. When you hold these manufacturers accountable and report unsafe products, you are also helping other parents be aware of the risks of certain products. 

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