Florida’s Target Zero traffic program is designed to reduce the number of traffic-related accidents each day. The goal is to completely eliminate the deaths and horrible life-altering injuries that are caused by car accidents on Florida roads every day. 

At the law firm of Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, we applaud this initiative. Until the day comes when those accidents are completely eradicated, we’ll be here for anyone who has been seriously hurt or has suffered the tragic loss of a loved one in a vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver. Keep reading to learn more about the Target Zero initiative.

What is Target Zero?

The Target Zero traffic program is a partnership between the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol to reduce the number of car accident deaths and injuries to zero. This initiative was created because eight people die and another 49 suffer severe injuries every day in Florida vehicle accidents–even one death or one injury is too many. 

The Target Zero program was designed to identify the behaviors that most often result in crashes and to help authorities understand exactly why these behaviors occur. One of the foundational aspects of the program will be to identify target audiences and to create and deliver powerful messages to change the way they drive with the goal of changing those behaviors before they happen.

How does Target Zero enhance other safety initiatives?

Historically, traffic safety initiatives in the state have focused on what is commonly called the “4Es” – Enforcement, Education, Engineering, and Emergency Response. Target Zero will encompass the 4Es while also focusing on the “4Is” – Information Intelligence, Innovation, Insight into Communities, and Investments and Policies. 

Information intelligence

In order to be able to reduce deaths and severe injuries, not only is quality data important, but it also needs to be timely. This includes information on risk factors for serious accidents, trends in safety data, high-crash areas, road conditions, and much more. 

Target Zero strives to make the collection, analysis, and distribution of that data faster and more efficient than ever before so that authorities will have the information they need to respond to accidents and to help keep them from happening in the first place. 


Vehicles are incredibly sophisticated with the ability to not only monitor their internal components but also to notify drivers when they’re drifting into another lane. Target Zero aims to leverage these technologies. There could come a day when vehicles will be able to “communicate” with the road itself, and learn when conditions are dangerous or when there are traffic jams ahead. 

Community insight

Target Zero visionaries know that in order to achieve the goals of the program, it will take more than changing decision-making behaviors and addressing some of the more common existing road hazards. It will also require reshaping the transportation itself. In order to do that, Target Zero will incorporate data-driven decisions and the input of members of communities throughout the state. 

This collaboration will better coordinate the design and planning of roads to reflect the needs of the communities through which these roads run. Another aim will be to identify other alternatives to promote safer travel and address certain socioeconomic disparities that can contribute to potential safety risks.

Investments and policies

This component of the Target Zero traffic initiative involves finding ways to put transportation funds to work in the most efficient manner possible with the focus always on working toward the main goal of the program. This means allocating money to support tried-and-true and new safety strategies and filling gaps in emergency responder and law enforcement personnel shortages, available transportation, and more. 

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