Sometimes when an accident occurs, everyone involved is just lucky. As luck would have it, that seems to have been the case when a Carnival cruise ship crashed into a dock recently, damaging a number of cars that were parked nearby. No one was hurt in the accident.

The Carnival Pride was returning from a voyage to the Bahamas when it crashed into the passenger walkway at the docking site in Baltimore’s harbor. The walkway then collapsed, causing damage to three cars that were parked beneath it. There was no one on the walkway or in the area of the cars at the time. This was an accident that might have had a very different outcome.

Cruising has become one of America’s favorite leisure activities, with 13 million cruisers in 2015. Most cruises are safe and uneventful, yet accidents do happen and passengers should be aware of the possible dangers.

Some cruise dangers to look out for include:

  • Drowning — until recently, swimming pools on cruise ships did not require lifeguards. A number of recent drowning deaths have led the cruise industry to now require lifeguards at poolside to keep passengers safe;
  • Falling overboard — while not a common event, it does occur, especially if alcohol is involved. Passengers that fall or jump overboard are often never found;
  • Alcohol poisoning — the combination of sun, a deck chair and unlimited access to alcohol, combined with poor judgment, can lead to overindulgence and illness;
  • Slip and fall — ship decks can be slippery when wet, and even a slight rocking motion can cause an unsteady passenger to fall;

Cruise ship passengers carry a degree of responsibility to conduct themselves according to the regulations set by the industry, including use of handrails in rocky waters, observation of safe distance from guardrail guidelines and swimming only when a lifeguard is present. However, occasionally a passenger is injured on a cruise ship even when they have taken precautions.

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