In October 2015, DaVinci brand cribs expanded an initial recall from July of 11,7000 units to include another 6,000 cribs. The additional cribs were recalled because of breakage and detachment in mattress support brackets, which could cause the mattress to collapse. This recall covers the following DaVinci brand full-size cribs:

  • Reagan.
  • Jamie.
  • Jenny Lind.
  • Emily.

DaVinci’s recall seems to be an effort to prevent any serious injuries or consumer harm. But many companies delay too long in considering recalls, and if you or a loved one is injured due to a product liability, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Product Recalls: Protecting Your Rights
Companies like DaVinci have a responsibility to ensure the products they sell are safe for consumers to use. When the people using your products are babies, many would argue that “safety” itself is the product. That’s why you see so many recalls of baby products – these companies know that even a single death or injury can bring the company under fire.

Usually a company will issue a recall once it has enough proof or knowledge of a product defect. However there are instances of companies intentionally avoiding a recall because the cost of recalling the product outweighs the likely costs of out-of-court-settlements. These companies fear that issuing recall notices will leads to class action lawsuits, which they believe can be avoided from withholding recall notice.

The truth is that many states, Florida included, have evidence rules that protect companies that remedy product defects after someone has been injured. Florida Evidence Rule 90.407 says that measures taken after an event, (ex/ recall notices issued after an injury from a product) that if taken before it occurred would have made the event less likely to occur are not admissible to prove negligence in connection with the event.

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