No other company has recently made a more prominent name for itself in automobile technology than Tesla. However, a reflective look at the defective systems in its technology that has cost unsuspecting drivers and victims financially, physically, and emotionally paints a picture of danger on Florida highways. A West Palm Beach car accident lawyer can assist individuals injured due to defects in Tesla’s technology and the 2023 Tesla recall.

tesla recall 2023

Largest Tesla recall

Almost all Tesla vehicles sold in the U.S. are being recalled after a two-year investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning significant crashes due to the partially automated driving system Autopilot. This recall will affect over two million automobiles produced by the company.

The Tesla recall should address the controls and alerts necessary to require a driver’s responsible use of the autopilot feature. However, concern still exists that the automated features Tesla offers are still insignificant at recognizing obstacles in the vehicle’s path and stopping, preventing crashes, injuries, and death. Floridians have not escaped the deadly damages resulting from Tesla’s Autopilot feature.

A year overshadowed by multiple recalls

The highlighted Tesla recall check above is not the latest one affecting the manufacturer. It is imperative to note that Tesla owners impacted by damages resulting from parts addressed in the Tesla recall in 2023 can seek guidance from a knowledgeable Florida defective car lawyer to pursue action against the manufacturer. The latest recall highlights doors unlocking during a crash, failing to comply with NHTSA side impact protection standards, and affecting over 120,000 vehicles.

In November, the steering yokes and steering wheels of specific Tesla models drew attention when it was noted these products were not compatible with the vehicles they are installed on. A West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer can assist you if the airbags did not deploy properly in a Tesla car accident. In October, approximately 54,676 Tesla units were found to have vehicle controllers that failed to provide notice when the brake fluid was low, compromising braking performance.

These recalls include the four recalls of the final quarter of 2023. Check for safety issues in your Tesla vehicle here by searching your VIN on the NHTSA site or performing a Tesla recall check on the manufacturer’s site.

Tesla’s summer of safety failures

Summer 2023 Tesla recalls highlighted the heated arguments over Tesla safety. In July, recalls were made on the front-row seatbelts of certain vehicles failing to connect the belt to the pretensioner anchors. A failure to properly connect resulted in seat belts detaching while in use, with over 15,000 vehicles affected.

Additional recalls in July were made on the forward-facing cameras because of misalignment, leading to active safety features becoming unavailable with no alerts to the driver. June gave way to recalls on defective battery disconnects, affecting approximately 26 vehicles. Semi vehicles produced by Tesla also experienced issues with side doors and the door closure warning system, allowing drivers to operate the semis with unsecured doors.

Tesla springs into recall action

When spring arrived in 2023, the first quadruple round of Tesla recalls in 2023 began. While the steering wheel recall in May affected a few vehicles, approximately 137, the defect created the potential for Tesla’s steering wheel to disconnect from the steering column. Other recalls addressed defects with improperly displayed rearview images resulting from defects in the backup camera cables and connectors.

The initial spring Tesla recall check highlighted defects in the suspension of 422 Teslas that allowed the suspension links to separate from the sub-frame. Parking brakes that failed to engage due to defective valve modules appropriately increased the risk of Semi trucks unintentionally moving, raising the risk of a crash incident. Florida truck accidents can produce significant insurance challenges in determining who is at fault for the accident.

The calm before the recall storm

The beginning of 2023 played out quieter for Tesla manufacturers, failing to foreshadow the impending recalls that plagued the remainder of the year. The second-row seats in specific Tesla models were impacted by faulty bolts that raised the potential of their seat belts not performing in crashes. Over 3,000 vehicles were recalled in this particular Tesla recall check.

The recall that initiated Tesla’s recall season impacted over 360,000 vehicles. Driver support features failed to function correctly, allowing for preventable intersection accidents, such as running stop signs, turning through intersections, and traveling straight in turn-only lanes. This list of the driver support feature malfunctions does not contain every safety concern.

Support for West Palm Beach victims of Tesla recall accidents

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