In a recent South Florida worksite accident, scaffolding outside a television tower in Miami Gardens collapsed on September 28th, killing three people. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, workers were removing equipment at the tower’s top when the accident occurred.  While the cause of the scaffolding’s collapse remains a mystery, frayed wires near the top of the 1,250 foot tower could be seen from news helicopters, according to a Miami Local 10 News report. That report also noted that the victims of the accident were not employed by the television stations which shared the transmission tower, but instead were employed by Texas company Tower King II. Tower King II was contracted by the television stations to upgrade the antenna.


Worksite Accidents: A Very Common Occurrence, Particularly for Television and Cell Phone Towers


Worksites can be deadly places. This is true both for construction sites as well as television and cellular telephone towers in particular. As noted in the Local 10 News article discussed above, according to the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration, a federal agency which regulates workplace safety, 13 people have died in falls from television or cell phone towers since 2011.


The Legal Duties of the Worksite Owner and a Contractor on a Worksite


In a scenario like the recent tragedy in Miami Gardens, both the worksite’s owner as well as a company (like Tower King II in this instance) that is performing work on the worksite can be liable if an employee is injured or killed on the site. Third parties who may happen to walk by and be injured or killed by falling debris may also have legal claim(s) against the worksite owner as well as a company doing work onsite. Therefore, if the collapsing scaffolding in the scenario above had fallen on an innocent bystander, that bystander would likely have a claim against both the owners of the worksite (the two television stations) as well as Tower King II.


Damages Available in Florida Worksite Accident Lawsuits


If you are injured in a worksite accident, Florida law permits you to recover damages for your losses. This includes any medical bills relating to treatment for your injuries, any pain and suffering you experienced, and any loss of income from work you missed. The same would be true for the survivors of a worker killed on a worksite.


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