Motorcyclist Injured in Sarasota

A motorcyclist in Sarasota was recently injured after another motorist deliberately swerved directly into the motorcyclist in a fit of road rage after the two had engaged in an argument.  According to a report immediately after the accident by a local ABC News affiliate, and a second report two days later,  a video taken by a bystander captured the entire series of recent events in Sarasota. 

The video showed a man on a motorcycle yelling at the driver of a car to pull over after the two were seen arguing.  The driver then threw a metal object at him and swerved over and directly into the motorcyclist’s bike. The driver then fled the scene of the accident.  Two days later, after an area-wide manhunt, tips from the public led deputies to the car’s driver.

Although this blatant example of road rage is not commonly exhibited by drivers in Florida, it is more common than most people would think according to several studies.  In addition, this incident is also a reminder of the severe consequences that can occur when one person’s temper overcomes reason while on the road.

Road Rage: Common Both in Florida As Well as Across the United States

According to several reports, road rage accounts for a surprising number of accidents and traffic fatalities in both Florida and the wider United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 94 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by driver error; of those, 33 percent can be directly linked to actions typical of road rage, such as improper maneuvering and misjudging the space between vehicles.

Florida Law Regarding Aggressive Driving

Florida law does not explicitly address road rage, but instead it classifies certain actions under the general heading of “aggressive careless driving.”  A motorist is engaged in aggressive careless driving under Section 316.1923, Florida Statutes, if he or she does two of the following simultaneously or in short succession: (i) exceeding the posted speed; (ii) unsafely or improperly changing lanes; (iii) following another vehicle too closely; (iv) failing to yield the right-of-way as required under Florida law; (v) improperly passing another vehicle; or (vi) violating the commands given by traffic control devices.  If you are injured by a driver who engages in aggressive careless driving behavior, then you could file a lawsuit against the driver.

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