Unless electro-mechanical engineers design a “whiplash” proof vehicle soon, the role of the chiropractor in the personal injury litigation process may be static for some time.  Despite the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) focus on mitigating whiplash and related injuries, the number of cases continue to rise. In fact, studies have shown whiplash to be the most common injury sustained from an auto accident.  Residual pain associated with this type of injury also rank as the top reason people head to the chiropractor after being checked out at a hospital following a car wreck.

Whether the accident was high or low impact, people often continue to experience varying levels of residual pain. Chiropractors can treat sore muscles, back, neck or soft tissue injuries and whiplash. But while chiropractic care may be essential to your recovery, getting these expenses paid as part of your settlement can be complicated. That is because chiropractic treatment falls low on the totem pole of essential care in comparison to other medical services. However, these seemingly minor injuries such as whiplash; if left untreated, can evolve into a condition requiring surgery. In fact, any injury that affect the head, neck or spinal cord present a threat to brain health. As such, consulting a chiropractor after an accident may prove to be beneficial in the long term.

Should I seek Chiropractic Care?

In some studies, chiropractic treatment is recognized as one of the best remedies for whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. Additionally, experts support the claim that chiropractic care can restore freedom of movement by reducing the pain and suffering associated with whiplash and muscle spasms. It is also highly recommended that this type of treatment is sought as soon after the accident as is possible.  In many instances, treatment may be needed for as much as six months or longer.

Over the last two decades, however, chiropractic care for soft-tissue injuries, whiplash and other painful conditions have become more and more problematic from a claim perspective.  This falling out of favor with insurance companies is due in part to a slew of fraudulent whiplash claims. As a result, people are often hesitant about going to a chiropractor for fear they will not be reimbursed or compensated for these expenses. Nevertheless, since chiropractic care may be essential to mitigate other more serious issues or to achieve freedom from pain, treatment should be sought, documented and included in damages for personal injuries.  

Validating your Chiropractic Care

No matter how legitimate your reason for seeking chiropractic care, your insurance company will be averse to simply taking you at your word that it is necessary.  Therefore, in order to validate your claim, it is important to produce relevant medical records, tests results, a chiropractic care plan, follow-up reports and bills that identify the extent and specific type of treatment received. Your personal injury attorney will ensure that these records and chiropractic bills are included in your claim documents.

Although the future of the chiropractor’s role in treating personal injury victims may be dubious, it remains an important component of the “post-accident” recovery process for many personal injury victims.  And, while insurers may continue to do what they can to undermine the cost of chiropractic treatment, they do recognize, albeit from a top-down perspective, that whiplash injuries are a valid personal injury problem. That said, chiropractic treatment provides an important therapeutic benefit to patients needing this care.  As such, millions of accident victims will continue to seek legitimate compensation for expenses associated with chiropractic treatment after an accident.

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