Any kind of surgery comes with real risks. You depend on the surgeon and medical staff to be at their very best: well-trained, careful, and compassionate. When it comes to plastic surgery, patients may want to get a break on the price, but they expect no loss of care.

However, not every procedure goes as planned. Here are 5 plastic surgery malpractice cases that are hard to believe. Across the nation, patients experience severe injuries and even death at the hands of physicians who are negligent and careless. When this happens in the Sunshine State, you can turn to a tenacious West Palm Beach medical malpractice lawyer for help in understanding your options.

plastic surgery malpractice cases

Case #1: Hundreds of patients harmed by botched surgeries

In Jacksonville, FL, two doctors who were father and son, operated a plastic surgery practice under the auspices of St. Vincent’s medical center. They advertised a spa-like environment, but in 2016, they were hit by 264 separate lawsuits citing medical malpractice for botched breast augmentations. The claimants were left in pain and with long-term effects.

The cases were settled in 2019, but the Florida Board of Medicine is still being pressed to revoke their licenses to practice.

Case #2: Unlicensed felons operate a plastic surgery clinic where 13 women died

In another instance where the state of Florida failed to protect patients, four men who were convicted felons were able to open a discount plastic surgery clinic without a license. Their staff and technicians didn’t have medical training or credentials, and their negligence resulted in the deaths of 13 women. One dozen others were hospitalized with severe injuries.

Despite complaints and efforts by state legislators to enact meaningful laws preventing this behavior, more patients suffered extreme injury and death over the course of four years.

Case #3: Renowned breast augmentation surgeon sued four times for malpractice

A well-publicized Miami plastic surgeon who specialized in performing breast enlargements and tummy tucks was sued for the fourth time in 2022 for medical malpractice. His latest victim claimed that within two days of her breast reduction surgery, her skin began to change color and appeared necrotic.

She spent weeks in excruciating pain before going to the hospital, where she was found to be extremely anemic. She also suffered substantial tissue loss from her abdomen. She was seeking $30,000 in damages and a jury trial.

Case #4: Surgeon leaves patient to die while he negotiates more sales

A California plastic surgeon was charged with murder when a mother of two died after suffering brain damage following a procedure. The doctor allegedly left her to speak with other patients and upsell them on other surgeries.

When he discovered the patient had not recovered, he reportedly refused to call 911 until three hours later and encouraged his staff to cover up the incident. He even instructed them to lie to the victim’s husband.

He is also accused of using an untrained nursing assistant to administer anesthesia in an effort to save on costs. The victim’s family reached an out-of-court settlement agreement with the surgeon, but he is still being allowed to practice, and more victims have brought personal injury lawsuits against him.

Case #5: Patient is blinded after cosmetic injection

Another instance of plastic surgery gone wrong occurred in Nevada when a quick, non-invasive attempt to improve the contour of her nose turned into tragedy for a woman. As the untrained nurse performed the procedure without supervision, the patient immediately experienced pain in her left eye as the substance traveled through the blood vessels from her nose.

Within weeks, she had lost sight in the eye. The doctor who was supposed to perform the injection was not present, and the patient didn’t see the surgeon until after she had gone blind. She claims he was then verbally abusive and angry with her during the examination.

Potential damages from plastic surgery negligence cases

While all these instances are terrifying, the good news is that each patient or their family made the smart move to speak with a qualified medical malpractice lawyer. They were able to put their case in the hands of someone they could trust to secure compensation for damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost income
  • Paralysis
  • Blindness
  • Permanent disability
  • Death

Depending on the circumstances, a plastic surgery lawsuit may be difficult to litigate since many states pass laws favoring doctors and facilities. However, a skilled attorney will not rest until they have uncovered all relevant evidence and built the strongest case possible.

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