Keyless ignition systems are a trendy advancement in vehicle technology. Yet, if used incorrectly, how much does this convenience really cost?

A lawsuit filed against a group of automobile makers in August 2015 claims that 13 deaths and multiple injuries have occurred as a result of vehicles being accidentally left running after the driver exited the vehicle.

A keyless ignition system utilizes a key fob to unlock and start a vehicle by simply transmitting a coded signal to the vehicle’s computer when it is within the allowable range. The driver never has to take the key fob out of their purse or pocket for the car to operate. The engine starts when the driver presses the ignition button.  Issues arise when the driver forgets to turn off the vehicle before leaving the car.

A running, unoccupied vehicle can cause serious injury and even death. If the car is still in gear, it can roll forward and hit a bystander or damage property. If the vehicle continues to run in an enclosed space such as a garage, unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning of the inhabitants of the attached dwelling can occur. In cases like these, accidents and tragedy occur before the error is realized and it is often too late to avoid the consequences.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has yet to put rules in place that demand car manufacturers have mandatory safety measures built into their products.  Although some car manufacturers have implemented safety features such as a warning sound or automatic shut-off software, others such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and Chrysler continue to produce vehicle models that do not.

This leaves consumers in the position of having to taking extra steps to protect themselves from potential harm.

The NHTSA has put forth recommendations for drivers to help protect themselves while driving keyless ignition vehicles.  They are advising drivers to ensure their car is in “park” and the vehicle has been turned off completely before exiting the vehicle, and to routinely apply their parking brake. They also recommend drivers review their car manual to ensure they have a good understanding of how their particular vehicle operates and to familiarize themselves with how their keyless entry vehicle will warn them if they do not shut off the vehicle properly.

What if your vehicle doesn’t have safety warnings? If you have been injured as a result of a keyless entry vehicle failing to shut off properly, you should consult a legal firm specializing in product liability to determine if the manufacturer, distributor or seller could be held legally responsible. If you have been in a car accident caused by a keyless ignition system, consulting a personal injury lawyer can help you make claims for medical expenses or other costs that you are entitled to. Buying a vehicle with a keyless entry system that does not have safeguards in place is not recommended.

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