Have you ever looked at an insurance commercial on TV and wondered what are they trying to sell with these commercials? People jumping off of bridges with their identity hidden. Emus dressed up as cabbies pecking on a mirrored glass. Or Flo and Jamie, really? Is it that they have more of our money then they know what to do with or simply have forgotten that it is important to sell their benefits and advantage over the competition. I for one am not amused. Understanding that insurance companies like to take your money not give you money when you have a claim makes these commercials seem very insulting to me. The insurance industry has the second largest lobbying budget other than pharmaceuticals, with over $140 million dollars to persuade our politicians to enact laws that benefit their industry. No telling how much is spent on television alone. Yet when the big storm hits, they suddenly cry poor mouth. Get in a tragic accident and your rates go up. Then you have to fight to get even your medicals bills paid. Sad to think that the good hands people really have their hands in your pocket. You could try to fight big insurance yourself but are you legally armed and ready to take on that fight alone? Lets face it, the reality is that you not going to be able to do that without help. It’s just too frustrating and difficult to navigate the insurance companies hidden policies.

Seek professional legal help. I know some people will say they don’t trust lawyers any more than they trust the insurance companies but the fact still remains they don’t care for them anymore than you do. Most of these law firms work on a contingency basis which means if there is no recovery, there is no cost to you. These lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights, that’s their job. So what should you look for when choosing an attorney to represent you? Lets first look at board certification. Any lawyer can get you a recovery but a board certified civil trial attorney should be ready to take your case to trial and to verdict if necessary. Experience and resources would be the next thing to review. Does the lawyer have the experience and the firm the resources to take on a lengthy case if it comes to that? Does the lawyer have trial experience and knows their way around a courtroom? Do they even know where the courthouse is located? Silly question but you would be surprised at some of the realities there. Look at some of the peer reviews such as Best Lawyer or Super Lawyers. These reviews are what other lawyers think about lawyers in the same area of practice. Call the state bar association to see if any complains have been logged against the lawyer. Ask questions and do a little research and you will have a potentially better experience and greater results fighting the insurance companies. Still have questions? Call Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath at 561-655-1990. There is no obligation, no high pressure and best of all, no cost to help you make the best choice in finding legal help.