Elder Abuse Personal Injury Attorney West Palm beach When choosing a nursing care facility for a loved one, we never expect there to be neglect or even abuse. Unfortunately, these situations do happen and you need to recognize the warning signs and get help immediately from professionals that can help you and your loved one.

It’s not uncommon for elder abuse to not be taken seriously by family members, supervisors or other loved ones. They may believe the person has developed dementia or is not making any sense. While signs of abuse can overlap with mental deterioration, each case should be investigated and take seriously. Here are some of the signs of elder abuse:

Physical Abuse:

  • Unexplained broken bones, dislocations or sprains
  • Bruising, scars or welts
  • Signs of restraint, such as rope marks on the elder’s wrist
  • Broken eyeglasses
  • Refusal of the caregiver to let you be alone with the elderly person

Emotional Abuse:

  • Unusual behavior that can resemble symptoms of dementia, including mumbling, sucking one’s thumb, or rocking behaviors.
  • Witnessing belittling, controlling or threatening behavior by the caregiver.

Sexual Abuse:Elder Abuse injury lawyer west palm beach

  • Unexplained STDs
  • Bruising near the genitals or around the breasts
  • Stained or torn underwear

Caregiver Neglect:

  • Leaving the elderly personal alone in public
  • Being unsuitably dressed
  • No bathing
  • Soiled clothing, bugs or dirty conditions
  • The presence bedsores
  • Loss of weight or dehydration

The prevalence of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse in nursing home facilities should not be underestimated. If you have any reason to believe that your loved one has suffered abuse while in a long-term care facility, we strongly encourage you to take action. Report this abuse to the care facility, contact law enforcement officials if you believe a crime has taken place, and seek legal counsel.

Remember, your loved one has rights. If you believe that someone you love has been abused or neglected, contact Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey, & Fronrath. We fight to protect the rights of individuals who are unable to protect themselves. Our team of experts and investigators will make sure that you and your loved one receives the help needed while helping to stop the abusive situation. Contact us to see how we can help.