Dedicated attorneys strive for the thoroughness and detail of the True Detective investigators and for the insight and perspective of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Diligent research and investigation during the discovery process can make all the difference in the success of your case, and the search for relevant evidence should be a top priority of your legal team.

Typical Investigation in a Civil Litigation Case

Civil litigation investigations typically include:

  • Witness identification and interviews – This involves the prompt location of witnesses, followed by effective interviews and statements preserved in a written or taped format.
  • Scene investigation – Capturing representative and strategic images of an accident scene, for example, can make all the difference for an effective series of exhibits for the court.
  • Video Surveillance – This type of evidence is not only highly revealing, but most easily understood by a jury; it is crucial that your attorney knows how to balance its utility and also assure that no one’s right to privacy is violated.
  • Document retrieval and e-Discovery –The ease and low cost of mass data storage has turned this aspect of discovery into a nightmare of work and expense; since even a single email can change a case,  e-discovery tends to err on the side of overproduction.
  • Locating assets – Personal and business assets may be difficult to trace, and those hiding assets rarely hold them in their own name; extensive investigations into offshore accounts and the assets of relatives, business associates, intermediaries and corporate vehicles is often crucial to assure that a judgment in your favor has practical value.
  • Background checks – These are often required to uncover the professional, personal, civil (lawsuit) and criminal histories of witnesses and litigants.

The Importance of Documentation

Documents uncovered and shared during discovery may well become exhibits used in a deposition or during trial. They are also useful to remind witnesses of events that may have happened many years previously.  It is therefore essential to preserve all documentation and other evidence as soon it appears in the event of a lawsuit – for this reason we maintain our own evidence and inspection facility to preserve important evidence for our clients.

The Team and Resources You Need to Succeed in Your Case

Our firm is comprised of more than 70 lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and consultants, including four registered nurses, four former insurance adjusters and a former Deputy Chief of Police. We have a comprehensive research library and access to the latest investigative technology to acquire and preserve the evidence necessary to win your case.

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