Some of the most common personal injury cases include car accidents, slip and fall cases, and pedestrian accidents. Yet, not all individual injury cases are that straightforward. At Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer has seen many cases, including unusual individual injury cases. Even if you are still determining if your specific situation is a claim, we can help you determine what they are.

unusual personal injury cases

Consider some unusual personal injury cases

A personal injury case involves a person or business acting in a negligent way that causes harm to another person. That may seem straightforward, but the range of individual injury cases is more in-depth than the average car accident case or medical malpractice. Consider a few of the personal injury cases you may not expect.

Attacks by wild animals

In various areas of West Palm Beach, there are plenty of wild animals. Typically, filing a claim for injuries related to one can be difficult. However, if there is a noted risk to safety and it is known to the city or region, and nothing is done to protect the public, that could create an opportunity to file a personal injury claim.

Burns from coffee

It may seem obvious that a cup of coffee is hot. However, there is a limitation on that expected risk. If the coffee is scalding hot, and the provider of it fails to secure the lid, which you can assume is a duty of care to you, that could lead to a personal injury claim. However, warnings and laws have changed since some initial hot coffee cases emerged, and now steps are being taken to minimize these risks. Still, if you suffer a burn from a hot beverage spilled on you, there may be some level of right to proceed with a claim.

Equipment in food

There are times when equipment fails, including within restaurants and food distribution locations. Most organizations have numerous quality control measures to minimize these risks, but that is only sometimes true. When something occurs, such as a piece of equipment breaking off and ending up in your food, it may be your right to seek compensation for your losses. A broken tooth is common, but sometimes ingesting a foreign object like this can lead to numerous health complications.

Mislabeling on food products

Over the years, there have been numerous claims that what is in food is not what is marked on the labels. A recent news story broke when a person claimed there was no tuna in Subway’s tuna sandwiches. False marketing or misleading statements like this can severely cause health concerns for some people.

Losing hair after a salon visit

There have been stories of people who have visited a hair salon and obtained a chemical-based treatment, only to go home to hair falling out. While claims about color treatments failing or not likely a haircut are minimal, losing hair after this type of incident is a more valid claim.

What to do if you think you have a case

You may have yet to learn if you have a personal injury claim. It is common for people not to seek financial compensation because they do not realize they have a viable claim. That is where our team comes into play.

We will provide information about your case when you meet with our personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach. We have handled our fair share of unusual personal injury cases and always strive to ensure our clients can access the best legal representation possible within those claims.

Here is what is most important:

  • Did someone have a duty to keep you safe, or did you expect to be safe?
  • Did someone’s actions or inactions that breached that duty occur?
  • Did that breach of duty lead to your injuries?
  • Did you suffer financial loss from medical bills or other types of loss, such as pain and suffering?

If this is what occurred in your situation, you have the legal right to pursue a personal injury claim. It does not matter if your claim does not fit within a specific area or a common type of incident.

Let our legal team fight for your right to compensation

At Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, we are passionate about providing our clients with access to the fair compensation they are owed. If you have an unusual personal injury case or want to learn more about your legal rights, contact us now for a free consultation. Allow our personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach to support your best outcome.