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Uber is rapidly displacing traditional taxis as the preferred mode of transportation. Getting into an Uber vehicle requires only a few clicks on a smart phone GPS system.  And, there’s no need to wonder where you driver is in proximity to your location. The Uber system allows passengers to track almost to the nearest minute, how soon a driver will get to them. However, while the Uber concept is modern, economic and convenient, it pays to understand the security and legal ramifications of utilizing this service.

The following are some of the incidents in connection with Uber services. While it should be noted that these are anomaly’s rather than standard occurrences, the following unsavory headlines remind Uber customers to exercise caution when using this service as well as to be cognizant of their legal rights should an accident occur. The following reported incidents are directly linked to Uber vehicles and drivers in the State of Florida…

  • Ex-Uber driver arrested in connection with woman’s murder (6/2017)
  • Uber driver arrested after strong arm robbery in Palm Harbor, Florida. (6/2017)
  • Uber driver accused of raping woman after taking her home from SunFest (5/2017)
  • Florida Uber driver arrested after sexually assaulting 14-year-old passenger. (5/12/17)
  • Palm Beach County, Florida Uber driver accused of kidnapping, sexual battery and burglary (5/9/17)
  • Florida Uber driver found guilty of running red light in fatal crash (10/2016)
  • Uber Driver Accused of Aggravated Assault and Misdemeanor Battery After Pulling a Gun on Manatee County, Florida Passenger (01/26/16)

What to Expect as a Victim of an Uber Incident

Compensation for the personal injuries and loss of loved ones sustained due to the negligence of an Uber driver is no less enforceable by law than other similar occurrences.  No matter how personal injuries, loss of life and pain and suffering occurs, victims still need legal recourse for immediate and future medical bills, loss of income and significant lifestyle changes that often result from an Uber driving incident. However, since this is a fairly new public transportation model, the guidelines may not be as clearly defined for victims who may need to bring charges against the company or individuals.  

Uber allows drivers to use their personal auto insurance and the company receives approximately 20% of an Uber fare. As such, drivers are primarily treated as independent contractors rather than employees of Uber. Because of these dynamics, it may not always be clear who will be responsible for compensating victims for personal injuries sustained in an Uber accident.

What to Do if You Get Hurt While Riding in an Uber Vehicle?

  1. Get immediate attention from a recognized medical facility or physician and maintain good records of your injuries and treatment received.
  2. Seek appropriate legal counsel from a qualified personal injury attorney. It is important to recognize that Uber may not cover your accident or assume responsibility for the negligence of their drivers.  In fact, Uber may even put up a fight that could prevent you from receiving fair compensation if you do not have good legal representation.
  3. Stay abreast of Uber Insurance Policy Guidelines. Uber policy, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, has a limit of $1 million each for liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist coverage. And, since March 2014, Uber’s policy will also provide U.S: $50,000/individual/incident for bodily injury, $100,000 total/incident for bodily injury and $25,000/incident for property damage. This Represents the highest contingent coverage requirement of any state.  It covers the gap and kicks in when a driver’s personal policy is no longer in effect, after a driver has turned on the Uber app, and before Uber’s $1 million commercial policy which covers drivers en route to make a pick up and when drivers have passengers is in place.

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