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Thousands of dollars are often left on the table because people underestimate the value of their personal injury case.  That is due in part to miscalculation of the immediate and potential long term effects and cost of their injuries. This could have been the case for one accident victim who suffered an injury to his pinky finger after another driver crashed into his patrol vehicle. However, by taking the appropriate steps, he received a settlement of $125,000 for what turned out to be an unexpected and surprising life-altering injury.  

In 2013, while responding to an emergency, a police officer sustained a direct hit from a driver who failed to yield the right of way to his patrol car with sirens blasting. At the time of the accident, negligence was clearly established and the offending driver received a ticket.  At the hospital emergency room, the attending physician diagnosed the officer’s injuries as minor cuts to his forehead and a “right fifth metacarpal shaft fracture” or fissure on the pinky finger of his right hand. He was also advised to follow up with an orthopedic specialist.

As a result of the accident, the officer underwent two surgeries, experienced range of motion restrictions, pain levels described as 6 out of 10 and an extended period of physical therapy.  Before long, the economic damage also became apparent. The officer’s inability to use a firearm for some time following his injuries, which is a requirement of his job, translated into approximately two months of missed work and a 33 1/3% in lost wages. He also accrued over $46,000 in medical bills and services not paid by his health insurance or worker’s compensation and visual deformity on the 5th carpal of his right hand. As a result, the officer received an impairment rating of 3% that qualified him for non-economic damages for pain, suffering and the permanent injury.  

Much like this police officer, a personal injury victim in Florida has the right to proper compensation for injuries or death of a loved one that occurs due to vehicular accidents, medical malpractice, a dog bites or slip and fall. The following factors that could affect your claim are typically considered such as:

  • Cause of the accident
  • Type of injuries sustained
  • Potential for long term suffering
  • Medical care already received
  • Potential for medical care in the future
  • Impact of economic hardship due to injuries such as lost wages, change in job function, etc.
  • Impact of lifestyle changes
  • Restrictions on activities
  • Loss of consortium or potential suffering to spouse and children

Until a careful evaluation of all pertinent information is examined and analyzed, it is impossible as well as irresponsible to make a determination relative to the true value of a case.  As in the legal case referred to above, there may be any number of extenuating circumstances that are not necessarily apparent immediately after the accident. To avoid underestimating the value of your personal injury case, it is always advisable to discuss your accident with an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney before settling for an arbitrary sum.   

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