Families enjoy grilling outdoors in the pleasant Florida weather, but sometimes, it can be dangerous if an operator does not know how to use an outdoor grill safely. Being safe while enjoying the Florida sun means understanding the risks of using an outdoor grill. It can be challenging for those new to using gas grills or charcoal grills if they are cooking outside for the first time, and if you suffered injuries during an accident, you may contact a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer.

outdoor grill safety

Florida outdoor grilling safety tips

Misusing outdoor grills can lead to serious burn injuries or even death. Many accidents involving outdoor grills may cause property damage due to the sudden spread of a fire. The following are some of the most common safety tips for outdoor grilling. When you are cooking outside, these tips could help protect you and your family from serious bodily injury or even death.

Use propane tanks correctly

The National Fire Protection Association states that gas grills are involved in nearly 9,000 residential fires yearly. For this reason, you must always use propane tanks properly. All propane tanks should be stored vertically in a cool area that is not in direct sunlight. Proper outdoor grilling safety also means propane grills should ONLY be used outdoors.

Utilize fire retardant mitts

Fire retardant mitts can help reduce severe bodily injury to your hands and face. Also, longer tools for handling food on the grill can reduce the likelihood that you will suffer burns while grilling.

Check for gas leaks

It is necessary to check for gas leaks if you are cooking with a gas grill outdoors. If you want to check for gas leaks, you can apply water to the fuel line and confirm a leak if bubbles are visible.

Keep your grill in a safe location

Keep the grill away from buildings, furniture, and umbrellas. A fire only takes a moment to spread from these items to a house or apartment building. Check the area where you plan to grill before cooking over an open flame.

These safety tips for outdoor grilling can help prevent you and your loved ones from going to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. Burn injuries often require years of medical care, and following these safety tips can ensure your outdoor grilling is fun, safe, and enjoyable.

Clean up your grill after use

Always clean up your grill after use. Removing the fat buildup and grease from the collection trays and grill grates is crucial. Otherwise, you are at an increased risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in a grease fire.

NEVER leave your grill unattended

If you hope to reduce the likelihood of burn injuries, fires, and explosions involving your grill, never leave it unattended. If a fire breaks out while you are using the grill, you have a better chance of keeping it under control than if it caught on fire or exploded while unattended. You can also prevent small animals and children from being burned by remaining close to the grill while it is in use.

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Accidents involving grills can cause devastating injuries, affecting every part of an individual’s life. If grill manufacturers negligently built your grill or you were injured when the grill master failed to exercise these safety precautions, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

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