Truck accidents often cause extensive injuries and property damage. In addition, it can be difficult to determine or prove exactly who is at fault. When you are trying to recover damages from the truck driver’s insurance company, their representatives might try to refuse your claim. Learn more about why hiring a truck accident injury lawyer is the best way to recoup financially.

Are there any situations where you should not work with an attorney after a truck accident?

Working with an attorney will make it easier for you to recover all damages. This even includes specific damages that will take place in the future, such as ongoing medical treatment. You shouldn’t delay speaking with an attorney until after you realize an insurance company will not pay what you deserve. Instead, your attorney should be one of the first people you speak about your truck accident with.

You might feel like there is no need to work with an attorney if the damage isn’t significant, but this is not the case. An exceptional attorney can help you during all stages following your accident. You are much better off working with an attorney, even if you believe that your truck accident is a straightforward case.

Why do insurance companies deny or reduce insurance claims?

Insurance companies are not here to protect your money. Instead, they collect cash from you and other companies and invest that money to receive a return on their investment. Thus, their goal whenever you make a claim is to pay you as little money as possible for your accident. This is regardless of whether you or someone else is the at-fault party. 

Fortunately, a good truck accident insurance lawyer can motivate an insurance company to pay what they owe on your claim.

What are the most common tactics truck insurance companies use?

There are several tactics that truck insurance companies use to pay you less. This can include requesting information that has nothing to do with your claim. Additionally, an insurance company might reduce your claim so much that you feel like it is not worth it to proceed. Alternatively, the insurance company might just deny your request. Fortunately, lawyers that experience this often understand exactly what to do when this occurs.

Do you have options if the insurance company delays your claim?

Sometimes, even when truck accidents are straightforward, insurance companies will still attempt to hold onto your money. They do this by repeatedly delaying claims. Truck accidents usually require longer investigations. This is due to the severe nature of most truck accidents.

However, in some instances, truck insurance companies have no real reason to delay your claim. Instead, they prefer to simply avoid paying you. In this event, the best option is to work with an attorney and move forward with a lawsuit.

What should you do if your claim is denied?

If your claim is denied, it is important to proceed with a lawsuit. Taking a truck insurance company to trial puts the damages in the hands of a judge or jury. Instead of risking the loss of a lawsuit, most insurance companies prefer to settle for a fair amount. 

By filing a lawsuit and being willing to take the case to trial, you are more likely to recover the full amount you deserve for your injuries and other losses.

Do you need a truck accident injury lawyer in Florida?

There are many things you must prove in court when an insurance company refuses to pay damages. Fortunately, a truck accident injury lawyer with litigation experience can help. But you need to act swiftly, as there is a statute of limitations that determines how much time you have to prove your case.

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