Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey, & Fronrath obtains $1,000,000 for injured client with extensive pre-existing spinal condition

Our attorneys have obtained a $1,000,000 recovery for a Loxahatchee, FL woman. We represented the injured victim for a serious rear end motor vehicle crash that occurred on October 24, 2014 on Seminole Pratt Whitney Road in western Palm Beach County, FL. At the time of the early morning crash, the LRSI&F client was driving her son to school. She had brought her vehicle to a complete stop because traffic in front of her had stopped at a traffic light. Most, unfortunately, the large truck behind the firm client was being driven by a distracted driver. The defendant acknowledged in his deposition that he was not attentive to the roadway because papers previously situated in his overhead sun visor had fallen onto his lap.

Due to the negligence of the defendant driver, a very substantial rear-end collision occurred that caused the rm’s client to be pushed into the rear of the vehicle stopped in front of her. Thus, the client experienced two impacts in a very short period of time. Situated in the vehicle with the client was her teenage son. Both the mother and the son were injured in the crash, but with the mother suffering the much more serious injuries.

The firm client had an extensive medical history with respect to her cervical spine having gone through a prior discectomy and fusion in 2006. Following the subject crash, the rm client had to undergo a surgical revision procedure at the levels surgery was previously performed. We argued throughout this case that his client had experienced not only new injuries from this crash but also an extensive aggravation of her pre-existing cervical spine condition. Following the large settlement obtained for the firm client. Our attorney stated “The last thing our client needed to have happened was being the victim of a violent double impact rear end crash. She has suffered immensely following the collision, but with her assistance, during the litigation process we were able to ensure she received fair and just compensation for all of her injuries and damages.”