This catastrophic injury case posed significant challenges from the beginning.

Late last year, a mother was driving her 5-year-old autistic child to a play date. After waiting to make a left hand turn at a traffic light, she began moving as the light turned yellow and then red while she was in the intersection. Unfortunately, a company truck sped through the intersection striking our unsuspecting client’s vehicle on the passengers’ side – right where her child was sitting in his car seat.

Both the mother and the child sustained catastrophic injuries.  Her young son sustained a massive brain injury, fractured femur, lacerated liver and lacerated spleen.  The mother sustained a broken pelvis and multiple broken ribs.

The child was hospitalized for 2 months and endured several brain surgeries.  Although he is living independently at home now, he will suffer the consequences of this injury for life.

Although the police report found the mother at fault for the accident, Matt Haynes immediately retained an accident reconstructionist, and arranged an information download from the company truck just one day before it was going to be destroyed.  That download revealed that the company truck was driving at its maximum speed of 65mph at the time of the crash.  The speed limit was 45 mph.

In addition to obtaining this critical information, Matt Haynes immediately filed suit and noticed the case for trial.  Even with all the challenges of Covid closures, the Team kept the pressure on, and resolved the case in less than 10 months for more than the company’s policy limits.