A Broward County jury awarded Denise and David Brown $35 million in a case against North Broward Hospital District, doing business at Broward General Hospital.

In 2000, Denise Brown was pregnant with her son, Darian. On January 10th, 2000, she went in for a regular check-up. Her doctor noticed the fetal monitoring showed fetal tachycardia (heart rate greater than 160) and admitted Ms. Brown to Broward General Hospital for observation. Doctors noted that she was at risk for pre-term labor. For the next 3 days, she continued to have pre-term labor issues, but her contractions were controlled and the baby’s heart rate stabilized.

On the evening of January 14th, there was a significant change in the fetal monitoring pattern. Despite policies and procedures to notify the doctor, the Broward General staff did not.

On January 15th at 2:40 am, fetal monitoring continued to worsen. At 5:15 am nurses finally called a doctor. The decision was made to deliver the baby at 5:50 am. However, the baby was not delivered until more than an hour and a half later. As a result of the delayed delivery, Darian suffered severe brain damage.

Our Florida Medical Malpractice Attorneys thoroughly investigated and litigated this case for several years, using experts from around the country to determine what went wrong. The suit blamed the doctors for failure to effectuate a timely delivery and the nurses for negligence in their failure to inform the physicians of significant changes in fetal monitoring.

Now, at eight years old, Darian cannot feed himself, cannot walk, cannot make decisions, is severely profoundly impaired and will require a lifetime of care.

At trial, our Florida medical malpractice attorney proved to the jury all of the mistakes made by the hospital staff and doctors.