Nelson Báez Settles Wrongful Death Accident for $1,250,000

During rush hour on April 10, 2014, Jane Doe was traveling northbound on I-95 in the far right lane. As Ms. Doe approached the Northlake Boulevard exit, her vehicle veered from the right-hand exit lane to the left HOV lane. Upon reaching the HOV lane, Ms. Doe’s vehicle was struck by the Defendant. Due to the force of the impact, Ms. Doe was pronounced dead at the scene. Ms. Doe was survived by her five children, ages twenty (20), seventeen (17), fifteen (15), three (3) and two (2).

Florida Highway Patrol arrived at the scene to investigate the crash. In the Traffic Crash Report, Florida Highway Patrol officers cited Ms. Doe for operating her vehicle in a careless and negligent matter. Ms. Doe’s surviving children hired attorney, Nelson E. Báez, to represent them in this matter. Mr. Báez, along with the assistance of paralegals, Kim Belford and Jim Keely, began an investigation into Ms. Doe’s death. Their investigation revealed that Ms. Doe was able to cross five (5) lanes of traffic before the defendant crashed into her. All northbound, I-95 drivers were able to perceive Ms. Doe’s vehicle and take appropriate action to avoid a crash. The investigation further revealed that the defendant driver never applied the brakes, never attempted to take any evasive action to avoid a crash and was speeding at the time of impact. Through the investigation, Mr. Báez was able to establish that the defendant driver failed to use reasonable care in the operation of his motor vehicle and therefore the defendant’s negligence caused and/or contributed to the car accident which resulted in Ms. Doe’s death. Based on the evidence obtained in the investigation, Mr. Báez was able to settle the claim for the five (5) surviving children of Ms. Doe for $1,250,000.

No amount of money can replace the love and support of a mother. However, at a minimum, Ms. Doe’s children’s financial future is secured. Want a bulldog attorney’s that’ll fight to the end? Contact us today.