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social media and personal injury claims
17 May 2023

Social media mistakes personal injury plaintiffs should avoid

Social media is a potential minefield for personal injury plaintiffs – without taking precautions, insurance companies could “stalk” your pages, looking for ways to deny your claim. Social media and personal injury claims simply don’t…
florida motorcycle laws
15 May 2023

Essential Florida motorcycle laws: Avoid tickets, avoid collisions

Whether you’re visiting the Sunshine State for Daytona Bike Week or looking for a more fuel-efficient way to commute to work, motorcycle riding is popular year-round in Florida. Staying safe while you ride is important since a motorcyclist…
long-term effects of multiple concussions
15 May 2023

Long-term effects of multiple concussions

The majority of people who suffer one mild to moderate concussion often heal within three months, but not everyone is so fortunate. Approximately 30% of people with concussions have lingering symptoms and the risk of long-term complications…
how does driving record affect insurance
15 May 2023

How a driving record could affect an insurance settlement

\\Insurance companies employ different tricks to minimize the value of a car accident settlement, including intimidating or pressuring the injured person (the plaintiff) into settling quickly. Implying that your driving record will prevent you…
catalytic converter theft
12 May 2023

9 vehicles most at risk for catalytic converter theft

Catalytic converter theft has been on the rise in recent years, and owners of some vehicles might be bigger targets. Learning how to protect your vehicle, especially if it’s one on the list of popular targets, can help reduce your chances…
12 May 2023

U.S. company creates bulletproof shelters for classrooms

Mass shootings aren't just getting more common, they're also getting deadlier, and it appears that schools have become a more frequent target of these attacks. Is it time for a more drastic approach to protecting children? Many people worry…
florida tort reform bill
12 May 2023

Florida’s new tort reform bill: What you need to know

In March 2023, Florida enacted sweeping tort reform laws. If you’re looking to file a claim for damages with the assistance of a Florida personal injury lawyer about a suit for damages, be prepared for some serious changes that may affect…
top misdiagnosed disorders in children
13 Mar 2023

Top 4 misdiagnosed disorders in children

When a child presents symptoms of an illness or disorder, it can be more difficult to properly diagnose them than it would be for an adult. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis for a child could lead to years of unnecessary, unsuccessful treatments…
virtual doctor misdiagnosis
13 Mar 2023

A concerning trend in healthcare: Misdiagnosis might increase with telehealth

Virtual or telehealth appointments spiked in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as restrictions for in-person medical care were lifted, online video consultations have remained popular for many Florida residents. Although the convenience…
how to file a complaint against a police officer
13 Mar 2023

How to file a complaint against a police officer

If you were unfairly treated by a Florida law enforcement officer, you have the right to file a complaint for police misconduct. This includes situations in which you believe an officer intentionally and/or maliciously left out information in…
26 Jan 2023

All about Florida's "Target Zero" initiative

Florida’s Target Zero traffic program is designed to reduce the number of traffic-related accidents each day. The goal is to completely eliminate the deaths and horrible life-altering injuries that are caused by car accidents on Florida roads…
forest hill boulevard dangerous intersection
26 Jan 2023

Most dangerous intersections in Palm Beach County

Although motor vehicle accidents occur every day in Palm Beach County, the area’s intersections are particularly hazardous, especially with contributing factors such as traffic volume, speed, weather, and visibility. Being aware of the most…