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What is an “attractive nuisance?”

If a child is injured due to certain features or objects on the property that were not effectively safeguarded against the potential of wandering children, the property owner can be liable due to a concept known as an “attractive nuisance.” An attractive nuisance is an item or feature enticing to young children, who may venture […]

I received a defective gift. What do I do?

An item you received as a gift could be broken or defective, or even recalled by the company that produced it.  In 2021 alone, there were over 400 recalls of food, medical, and cosmetic products reported by FDA-regulated companies. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls around 300 products per year, and many consumers don’t even […]


How Pedestrians Can Be At Fault for Car Accidents

Often, car accidents are caused by other drivers, but pedestrians are also the cause of many accidents. If you suspect a pedestrian is at fault for your car accident, connect with your Florida car accident lawyer from Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey, & Frontrath for a free case consultation. Call (561) 655-1990 today. Pedestrians May Have […]

What is institutional elder abuse?

Institutional elder abuse is a problem that has been gaining attention in recent years. This type of abuse occurs when an older person is mistreated or neglected while living in a nursing home, long-term care facility, or other institutional setting. Older people are especially vulnerable to abuse and neglect because they may be isolated from […]

5 Types of Defective Medical Products

Are you suffering from a defective medical product? If so, you’re not alone. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that more than one million people are injured by defective products every year.  Defective medical products can be anything from hip replacements to transvaginal mesh. The negative effects of these items depend on the different types […]

What to do when you slip and fall on ice?

Florida isn’t known for ice, which makes it all the more surprising when you come across a patch and lose your footing.  You may be so shocked or embarrassed that you try to downplay your injuries. And some people think they can tough it out and refuse medical help. But there are a few things […]

Can a truck driver be fired for an accident?

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Their entire industry – and much of the economy – depends upon the safe delivery of products.  To keep America running smoothly, truckers must undergo rigorous training to become professional drivers. The damage from truck accidents is typically much more devastating than a regular passenger vehicle […]