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Free legal help for veterans in Florida

Taking care of those who have sacrificed so much You’ve served your country, and now you’ve found yourself in legal trouble. Or, perhaps you’re trying to file a claim with the VA to secure the benefits you put your life on the line to receive. When bureaucracy and red tape stand in your way, you […]

Hidden and not-so-hidden dangers of keyless cars

A few decades ago, the thought of a keyless car would be quite strange, even seeming impossible. There is no doubt, though, that any time a person lost their key, or it broke off in the ignition, such a tool would have been a great thing to have. So, why today is there a risk […]

Misdiagnosis: A dangerous form of pediatric malpractice

Children are a parent’s entire world. Parents nurture their children as they grow, see them off to their first day of school, teach them lessons about life, and ensure that they mature into healthy and happy adults. Part of that nurturing process is making absolutely sure that your children have access to only the best […]

5 shocking pharmacy errors that made headlines

When you walk into your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription, you expect the doctor to communicate with the pharmacist and everything is clear and accurate. The truth is that pharmacy errors occur much more frequently than you’d like to think. Patients can get severely ill or die as a result of negligence, overwork, […]

4 essential types of ATV safety gear

Wearing safety gear does not have to interfere with your ability to have fun and participate in the best experiences. You are sure to still have a heart-pounding experience; ATV safety gear just helps ensure you are less likely to suffer serious injuries. Keep reading for more from a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer. […]

Statute of limitations in Florida

Wait too long and you may not have a case When an accident occurs, and you are facing a wide range of complications from the acts of another person, you may not be thinking about filing a claim for compensation. You may even find yourself focused on your medical care. However, the statute of limitations […]

Fire Prevention Week 2023: Theme, tips & more

October and Halloween go hand in hand, but this crisp, cozy fall month is also the week to raise awareness for fire prevention. October 8 to 14, 2023, is National Fire Prevention Week 2023. But not everyone may feel excited about this week’s celebration. If you’ve been hurt in a fire caused by someone else’s […]

How to safly drive a U-Haul

One of the significant aspects of moving is how to drive a U-Haul. It might seem intimidating, especially for first-timers, but it can be manageable with the right information and guidance from a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer. Getting a feel for the vehicle Before you even start the engine, take a moment to […]

Tips for dealing with the increase in car insurance

Many consumers face the unfortunate reality of a significant car insurance increase. This blog post will examine the issue of car insurance rate increases, exploring the factors behind it and offering practical advice on handling this trend. Speak with a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer from Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath for additional […]