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E-Cigarettes – Are They Riskier Than You Think?

Although vaping may be the latest way to enjoy a good smoke, reports of e-cigarette explosions are climbing and claims of serious injuries are becoming increasingly more common. E-cigarettes were first introduced in the U.S. in 2007 as a “healthy” alternative to traditional smoking tobacco cigarettes. The popularity of vaping has a resulted in a […]

Samsung Being Sued After Exploding Android Causes Burns

Samsung’s troubles with the Galaxy Note 7 have gone from bad to worse. On September 09, a Florida man was shopping at Costco when his Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his pocket. The device caught fire, burning through the pocket of his pants, and causing second-degree burns to his right thigh. The man also suffered […]

Lawsuits Reveal Volkswagen Clean Diesel Playing Dirty with Consumers

Volkswagen “clean diesel” had been a staple in the green culture for years. Now it seems the car wasn’t so green. Federal reports estimate that 11 million VW “clean diesel” vehicles had actually been polluting the air at rates 40 times the federal emissions standard. Not only had Volkswagen been “playing dirty” while pretending to […]

Tire Failure: Are Tires More Deadly Now Than Ever Before (Part 2)?

In the last post about [tire failure fatalities] [GREG: add a link to Post #10 “Part 1” of the series] we introduced you to the studies conducted by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) and The Safety Institute (“TSI”). According to the TSI, tired failure fatalities jumped nearly 11% between 2013 and 2014 […]

Tire Failure: Are Tires More Deadly Now Than Ever Before (Part 1)?

It happens everyday on Florida highways: tire failure. Tire blowouts, tread and belt separation and improper repairs causes thousands of serious traffic accidents each year. Tire manufacturers have issued major recalls costing millions of dollars to avoid liability, and still the injuries mount. In fact a recent studies show that tire failures caused more deaths […]

School Bus Accidents: Florida Bus Crash Inspires New Standards

A fatal Port St. Lucie school bus accident from 2012 has prompted federal endorsement of safer seatbelts for students. The crash that injured dozens of people claimed the life of nine-year-old student Aaron Beauchamp when his school bus driver turned directly into the path of a large truck. At the time of impact, onboard surveillance […]

Florida’s Motorcycle Fatality Problem

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle deaths comprise 15% of all highway deaths in America. In contrast to cars, which have seen a consistent national decline in fatal accidents over the last 20 years, motorcycle deaths have seen an increase. In Florida more people die in motorcycle accidents than in any […]

Who is to Blame for Railroad Accidents?

Railroad accidents are not common, but when they happen they often involve serious injury or fatality. The family of a train accident victim has a right to pursue justice in the wake of any accident, and in some cases hold the responsible party liable for damages. In some cases, if the victim was also negligent, […]