Florida nursing homes, group homes, managed care or assisted living facilities seem to operate under a cloak of silence and lack of timely reporting if a resident is injured while under the facilities care. Nursing home incident reports are to be created following significant adverse incidents that occur to residents inside a facility. Patient falls, bad pressure sores, unexplained death and medication mistakes all warrant the completion of an incident report. But the degree of the incident and the decision to file a report is left up to the care giver at the time or the facility itself. Why isn’t every incident or accident reported? Why does a nursing home have up to 15 days to file a report? (see chart below provide by the Florida Agency For Health Care Administration)

The pandemic virus is killing people in less time than that! So what is going on RIGHT NOW with your loved one? With the COVID-19 policies in place right now, family members can only call to find out if there was an incident. They may ask for a current report. But many families get the runaround when they try to obtain an incident report from the nursing home. The facility commonly claims the incident report is privileged, confidential or ‘work product’ for internal use only.

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