What is an Environmental Toxic Tort?

Corporations release chemical toxins into our environment every day, often illegally. Sometimes, these toxins infiltrate or spill into residential areas, polluting the communities and posing dangerous threats to the residents. When the health of the residents is affected, the offending corporation can be held liable for the environmental toxic tort.

What are some toxic tort examples? Two of the most common environmental threats include contamination of groundwater and contamination of air, and these can cause birth defects in new children or serious illnesses. If you believe your family may have been exposed to a toxic substance and has since suffered serious injury or illness, you can work with a Florida environmental toxic torts attorney to receive compensation for your family’s suffering.

Should I Claim Environmental Toxic Tort?

Toxins are highly dangerous, but they can often take years to start affecting the population, making it notoriously difficult to track down the substance responsible for the suffering of the residents. Our attorneys are experienced in handling toxic tort cases in Florida; we know exactly what to look for to make your claim as effective as possible.

How are toxic torts discovered? The most common warning signs include a noticeable rise in the occurrences of cancer and birth defects when compared to the national average. Although these two symptoms might not be noticeable for decades after the chemical spill, they are still a red flag that something is not right in the area. If you believe your neighborhood is displaying these signs, please call a West Palm Beach environmental toxic tort lawyer.

Guiding You Toward Resolution and Recovery

Once you have established that something has caused an increase in these dangerous maladies:

  1. Contact a Florida environmental toxic tort attorney.
  2. In conjunction with your attorney, work with doctors and scientists to evaluate the type of substances that may be responsible.
  3. Research how long it takes for these chemicals to create the symptoms seen in your area.
  4. Identify a timeline for when the chemicals were released.
  5. Look for companies in the area that worked with these types of chemicals in order to discover who is responsible for the suffering of your family and community.
  6. Begin the legal process that will lead to compensation for medical and other damages caused by the environmental toxins.

If you’re ready to stand against corporations who have poisoned your neighborhood, contact one of our experienced environmental toxic tort lawyers in West Palm Beach today.

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