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Have You Been Injured In A Cruise Ship Accident?

It is something you never thought could happen to you and to your family while on vacation. You are enjoying a wonderful family vacation on a cruise ship when something goes terribly wrong and you are injured. Now you are facing substantial medical bills, lost time from work, and the potential for a permanent disability.

Our Florida cruise ship accident attorneys understand your frustration and the pain that you are going through. Our goal is to take the stress of dealing with an accident claim off of your shoulders so that you can focus your full attention on your family and your recovery.

What Causes Cruise Ship Accidents?

When you think about cruise ship accidents, you probably think about the tragic stories in the news about ocean liners sinking while on the open waters. However, cruise ship accidents occur for many reasons. Some of the common causes of cruise ship accidents include:

  • Cruise ship collisions or situations that cause the ship to sink partially or completely
  • Injuries and illnesses as a result of foodborne pathogens
  • Injuries and illnesses as a result of poorly or improper cleaning procedures
  • Slip and fall accidents caused by dangerous conditions that occur onboard and while disembarking
  • Injuries as a result of using equipment such as swimming pools, water slides, elevators, and escalators
  • Accidents as the result of defective design of the ship or defective parts used on the ship
  • Assault, battery, or sexual assault by crew members or other passengers due to a lack of security or adequate safety measures
  • Injuries sustained from accidents occurring during cruise line approved excursions (i.e. parasailing, diving, sailing, etc.)

Unfortunately, even a minor injury can quickly turn deadly if the passenger does not receive immediate medical attention. Some cruise ships are not equipped with adequate medical staff and equipment; therefore, passengers are transported off ship to receive care at a port of call. Complications can arise causing additional injury.

Unraveling all of the complex laws and issues involved in a cruise ship accident can be extremely challenging, especially for an attorney with little to no experience with cruise ship accidents. For that reason, you definitely want an attorney who has extensive experience fighting cruise lines, their insurance companies, and their attorneys on your side.

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It is the goal of our cruise ship attorneys to provide experienced, trusted, legal representation to you so that you can receive fair compensation for your losses, damages, and injuries.

If you have been hurt, injured or medically impaired while on a cruise vacation, we want to talk to you about the details surrounding your cruise ship accident. We will investigate the facts surrounding the accident to determine who is responsible and create a plan to pursue the at-fault party to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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