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Whether you were injured because you slipped or tripped on something in a store or someone’s pet attacked you while you were on their property, you may be able to recover the expenses stemming from the accident, such as your lost wages and medical bills, through a premises liability lawsuit led by a skilled Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer.

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What are the common types of premises liability cases we handle?


If a store employee fails to clean up a spill quickly enough, a customer could slip and suffer a devastating injury. If the store can’t take care of the problem immediately, they must provide adequate warnings to customers of the possible danger, such as the common “wet floor” sign.

When they fail to do either of these simple tasks, and an accident occurs, the owner, manager, or landlord of the property could face liability due to their negligence.

Falling merchandise or debris

Many retail stores have extremely high shelving, especially hardware stores so that they can hold as many stocked items as possible out on the floor. Many of the items can cause severe injuries if they come loose and strike someone. You may be able to sue if your Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer can prove the item was stocked negligently.

Faulty elevators or escalators

A malfunctioning elevator or escalator can cause severe, life-altering injuries. In many instances, this malfunction occurs due to negligent maintenance. An investigation can show exactly why this happened and who needs to be held responsible.

Inadequate or negligent security

Property owners must make their properties safe on the inside and the outside. If you were attacked due to a lack of security or if security personnel were negligent, you may be able to take action against the owner and the security company.

Playground or amusement park accidents

Far too many children are hurt as a result of faulty playground or amusement park equipment or negligent supervision by staff. You could have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit if your child suffered an injury in one of these locations.

Swimming pool accidents

While pools are refreshing and fun on a hot summer day, they can also be dangerous. Children are particularly susceptible to suffering severe injuries if they’re not properly supervised. If your child is at a public pool and is hurt, you could potentially sue the property owner for negligence. 

Dog and other animal bites

Dog attacks can occur at any time. You might have been visiting someone’s home and suffered a bite. Or, you might have been walking your dog, and an aggressive animal escaped from their yard and attacked you. In either instance, you may be eligible for filing a premises liability lawsuit.

What steps should you take if you were hurt on someone else’s property?

Being involved in an accident can make it hard to think clearly. You know you’re hurt, so that’s likely going to be your main focus. While that’s obviously understandable, you must take action – not only for your health but also for your chances of obtaining compensation.

1. Visit a doctor as soon as possible

This should be your top priority. You might think that you aren’t injured, but the adrenaline that’s coursing through your body can mask the pain and symptoms of what might be very serious injuries. After that subsides, you’ll probably realize that something is very wrong.

Don’t refuse medical help at the scene of the accident. Let emergency medical personnel take you to the hospital so you can undergo a thorough examination. Prompt medical care could make the difference between recovering in a relatively short time or having to deal with your injury for months – or even years – to come.

2. Take photographs and gather evidence

If you can safely do so, take videos and pictures of where the accident occurred. Please take photos of the spill that caused your fall or whatever it was that led to your injury and the surrounding area. If no one took the time to put up any sign warning of a potential hazard, that could improve your chances of winning your case and getting the money you deserve.

You should also get the names and contact information of anyone who might have seen the accident–their testimony could also be very impactful for your case.

3. File an incident or police report

Immediately report the accident to whoever’s in charge. That could be a store manager, a supervisor, or the property owner. That person should immediately fill out an incident report and provide you with a copy. If they don’t offer you a copy, ask for one. You can also take a picture of the report before you turn it in.

If it seems like no one is going to document the incident, don’t hesitate to report it to the police. An officer will come to the scene to interview you, the person in charge, and witnesses. They’ll then draft and file a report. Make sure you get a copy because it could also be very powerful evidence. 

4. Keep your accident-related medical and expense records

You’re going to get a lot of paperwork associated with your medical treatment. Not only will you receive bills, but you’ll likely have prescriptions, medical reports, and more. Please set up a folder to keep all of it together because these papers will help prove the cost of your medical expenses, which are part of the compensation you can recover in a premises liability lawsuit.

5. Speak with a Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer

After you get the medical treatment you need, the next step will be to contact a Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer. At Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, we’ll listen to the details of what happened and will let you know if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

If you do and you choose to hire our firm, we’ll immediately get to work investigating the accident to uncover the proof needed to help ensure you have the strongest case possible.

fort lauderdale premises liability attorney

What are possible damages you can claim?

In a personal injury lawsuit, “damages” are your financial losses that stem from the accident and resulting injury. There are two primary categories of damages you may be able to recover: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are those that are easily calculated using bills, invoices, and receipts. They include medical bills, lost wages, and more.

You may also be able to claim non-economic damages, which are not as easily calculable and include emotional trauma, loss of quality of life, and pain and suffering.

Only a skilled premises liability attorney can properly calculate the amount of damages you’re entitled to.

What are common premises liability injuries?

There are several different types of injuries that one can sustain due to an incident that classifies as a premises liability accident. These are some of the most common injuries our clients have suffered:

Make sure you file a claim in time

Although the Florida deadline for filing a premises liability lawsuit is four years from the date of the accident, you need to take action immediately. It will take time for your lawyer to investigate the incident and to take care of everything else involved with filing a lawsuit. The earlier you take action, the sooner you’ll obtain compensation if your case is successful.

We’ll work to obtain maximum compensation.

No reputable lawyer will ever promise that you’ll receive a specific amount of money, especially not during your initial consultation. However, at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, we guarantee that we’ll provide aggressive representation and will fight for your rights at every turn. We’ll gather the evidence needed to help you win your case, even against the most formidable opposition.

Who can be liable for your injury?

There’s a chance that multiple parties could be liable for your injuries in a premises liability lawsuit.  

For example, if you slipped on a spill in a grocery store and got hurt, the owner and manager could be liable because no store employee posted warning signs, nor did they clean up the spill in a prompt manner. 

The fact that more than one party could be liable for your injuries is only one of the reasons why you should turn to a Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. Although these cases can be incredibly complex, our skilled lawyers will guide you through them and will help you get the money you deserve.

How can our Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer prove liability?

Our premises liability attorneys have decades of experience investigating and prosecuting these kinds of accidents. We’ve repeatedly successfully proven that a property owner failed to keep the property safe for its guests or patrons. 

We can prove liability by collecting essential evidence to establish that the owner or manager:

  • Was aware of the potential danger(s)
  • Had a duty to ensure their property was safe for you
  • Failed to uphold that duty
  • Their failure to keep their property safe caused you harm 

What is the cost of hiring a premises liability lawyer?

When you choose Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, you won’t pay us a dime unless and until we win your case. If we’re successful, we’ll receive a portion of your compensation. There are other advantages available to our clients, such as medical liens, which help keep money in your pocket while you recover.

Our Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyers are here to help

Please get in touch with one of our premier Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers as soon as you can. When you choose us, you can rest assured knowing we’ll do everything we can to help you obtain maximum compensation. 

Schedule a free consultation by contacting us online or calling (561) 655-1990.

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