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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to find a lawyer who can help you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries and damages. You need someone on your side at this difficult time – not just an insurance company fighting with you over every detail of what happened.

port st lucie motorcycle accident lawyer

With so many years of experience handling motorcycle accidents, the Port St Lucie personal injury lawyers with Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath have seen it all and know how best to handle these cases from start to finish.

For more information about hiring a Port St Lucie motorcycle accident lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us at (561) 655-1990. We offer free consultations so our clients can be sure they’re working with the best lawyer for their needs.

Do I need an attorney for my motorcycle accident?

You may not think you need a lawyer for your motorcycle accident, especially if you have minimal injuries, but the reality will surprise you. Motorcycle accidents are just as complicated as car accidents—sometimes more. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and options, even if you’re unsure of why.

The lawyers at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath have helped motorcycle enthusiasts just like you for over 30 years. By working with a lawyer, you’re improving your chances of getting maximum compensation.

When do I get a Port St. Lucie motorcycle accident lawyer?

After a motorcycle accident, you should hire a lawyer immediately. While you are dealing with the pain, stress, and anxiety that comes along with motorcycle accidents, insurance companies aren’t likely to be as understanding. They will pressure you into accepting a settlement that doesn’t come close to covering your expenses or accounting for the loss of income you have had to endure.

If you’re unprepared for their tricks, you are likely to miss a key piece of evidence or misspeak and lose your right to compensation. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Port St. Lucie work to protect your rights and maximize your settlement so you can focus on recovering and moving on with your life.

What do I do after a motorcycle accident?

The steps to follow after a motorcycle accident are similar to those you should follow after a car accident.

These include:

  • Getting the other party’s insurance information.
  • Take pictures of all injuries and damages, if possible.
  • Making notes of how the motorcycle accident happened.
  • Speaking with all witnesses and collecting their contact information.
  • Getting checked out by a medical professional.
  • Getting a copy of the police report.

port st lucie motorcycle accident witness

It is essential to get this information after motorcycle accidents because the details are often more complicated than they might be in regular car accidents.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath can provide you with more guidance on steps to take after the crash.

Brain injuries from a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents often lead to brain injuries. This is especially true for riders who do not wear a helmet. Helmets go a long way in protecting you from head injuries, but they don’t wholly prevent brain injuries.

A Port St Lucie motorcycle accident lawyer with Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath can help riders understand brain injuries and how they should go about receiving the care they need to recover fully.

How can a Port St. Lucie motorcycle accident lawyer at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath help?

The motorcycle accident lawyers in Port St. Lucie at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath are dedicated to motorcycle riders’ rights.

We’ll fight the at-fault driver’s insurance company until they recognize the full extent of your damages and pay you what you deserve. We take motorcycle accident cases and motorcycle accident brain injuries on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if we win your case.

This can provide motorcycle riders with peace of mind that their lawyer is working hard to protect their rights and maximize their compensation.

What are the elements of a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

Filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit begins before you fill out any claims paperwork. It starts at the scene of the accident, where you should begin collecting evidence that will help prove a determination of fault. Proving fault is essential to collecting compensation from your lawsuit.

Proving fault requires you first to show a duty of care. For example, a driver on the road must drive according to the local laws to protect other drivers. This is a reasonable expectation to expect so that your actions will not injure others.

If a driver fails to follow the duty of care, then they have breached their duty. This could be a driver who swerves between lanes without signaling, tailgates other vehicles, or speeds. Once there is proof that the other driver breached their duty of care, you must prove that their negligent action caused your injuries.

Finally, the victim needs to prove that their damages are actual. This requires victims to show proof of medical bills, future medical care, lost wages, and more.

What damages can I claim in a motorcycle accident lawsuit?

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Lytal, Reiter, Smith Ivey & Fronrath work to maximize damages. Motorcycle riders might be able to receive one or more of the following types of compensation:

Economic damages

Economic damages are losses that can be precisely calculated and are usually easy to document. Economic damages can include medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

In a motorcycle accident lawsuit, it is essential to prove all the economic damages that you have suffered. This includes medical expenses, both past and future, as well as any wages you have lost because of the motorcycle accident. If you have had to take time off work to recover from your injuries, you can include that in your calculations.

You can also seek compensation for damage to your motorcycle or any other property that was damaged in the accident. It is essential to document all of these losses so that they can be included in your motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages, or pain and suffering damages, can be harder to calculate. Pain and suffering refer to the aspect of motorcycle accident brain injuries that cannot be easily measured in terms of economic loss. It includes emotional suffering, physical pain, and mental stress.

port st lucie motorcycle accident damages

Punitive damages

Punitive damages are only available in accident lawsuits that involve a particularly reckless driver or a reckless corporation. Punitive damages are meant to punish the at-fault party and discourage others from engaging in similar behavior.

These damages are difficult to calculate and will require motorcycle riders to hire an attorney who can investigate the circumstances of their injuries and make a recommendation on whether punitive damages should be sought.

These damages ultimately are not determined by the victim; instead, they’re determined by the judge in the case.

What are common motorcycle accident injuries?

Motorcycle accidents can lead to many types of injuries that could require the help of a lawyer to ensure that victims get appropriate compensation.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Most motorcycle accidents involve some head injury, which is why helmets are so important. Unfortunately, helmets do not always prevent brain injuries, and motorcycle accident victims often suffer traumatic brain injuries at a higher rate than other types of motor vehicle accident victims.

A brain injury can cause many issues, including memory loss, confusion, impaired cognitive skills, and emotional outbursts. Brain injuries are severe because they may last for life.

Road rash

Road rash is common in motorcycle accidents when riders are not wearing protective pants. It is important to wear protective gear so that you can avoid road rash or other injuries. If your protective gear is not strong enough, being dragged on the road can also lead to road rash. In minor forms, road rash can heal. But in severe cases, it can cause permanent scarring.

You can prevent road rash by wearing protective gear, such as leather boots, pants, and a jacket. Many people skip these protective garments in hot weather, but that increases their risk of permanent scarring during a collision.

Bare skin on the pavement when you fall off a bike is painful. Consider how bad it would be to fall off a motorcycle going over 50mph.

Broken bones

Broken bones are another common motorcycle accident injury. Bones are stronger than skin, but the force of vehicle accidents can cause victims to suffer broken arms, legs, fingers, or toes.

If motorcycle accident victims suffer compound fractures that threaten the integrity of their bones, they might need surgery to treat their injuries.

Internal damage

Internal damage is another motorcycle accident injury that you can seek compensation for. In some motorcycle accidents, organs or other parts of the body may be injured and show no external symptoms. Even though injuries like this cannot be seen, they can still impact your long-term health.

In fact, they can be fatal if not appropriately treated.


Contusions are bruises caused by high-impact trauma. They can take a long time to heal and can prevent individuals from attending work. Not every bruise is simple discoloration on the skin. Deep contusions can cause severe pain that lasts a long time. For example, a bruised spine can take a full year to heal, including time spent hospitalized.

Soft tissue damage

Whiplash is a type of soft tissue injury that commonly results from motorcycle accidents. People who suffer whiplash often complain about neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches. Even though these injuries can’t be seen, they can still cause long-term health issues and affect your quality of life.

Soft tissue damage can take longer to appear, so many victims will assume that they suffered no injuries. That’s why it’s so important to seek treatment by a medical professional as soon as possible after an accident, even if you feel okay.

Neck and back injuries

People in motorcycle accidents that injure their necks or backs may need surgery or physical therapy. Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis and even death.

If motorcycle accident victims did not suffer spinal cord injuries, they still might develop neurological conditions or experience chronic pain after the crash.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation in the United States. According to 2018 data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than eight million motorcycles were registered in the US.

Unfortunately, more motorcycles mean more motorcycle accidents. Here are some of the most common causes.

Poor road conditions

Motorcycle accident victims may suffer accidents as a result of poor road conditions. People who ride motorcycles often travel at slightly higher speeds than other vehicles, so they need roads that are free from debris and potholes.

port st lucie motorcycle accident lawyer poor road condition

With smaller wheels than car tires and an easier ability to get pushed off balance, motorcycles can very easily lose control when the tires hit debris of any sort. Potholes prove a serious risk for motorcyclists, as they can be deeper than expected and cause the driver to be flung over the handlebars of the vehicle.

Blind spots

Motorcycle accidents may also be caused by other vehicles who are not checking their blind spots. These drivers may be in a vehicle that has a large blind spot and if they have not been checking their mirrors regularly, they can miss the presence of a motorcycle when they try to change lanes or merge.

The driver may realize quickly without hitting the cyclist, but this can still cause serious injury to the victim. If a motorcycle swerves, it can hit gravel or even roll the bike. This is why motorcycle accidents can be so challenging. The driver may not have physically touched the victim, but they can still be at fault for serious injuries.

Cutting off

Accidents happen when a vehicle cuts off a motorcycle. Motorcycles do not have the same stopping radius as a car or truck. If they stop too quickly, the driver can lose control or even be thrown from their bike.

This is especially dangerous for motorcycle accident victims who are not wearing helmets because falling from their bike can lead to their head hitting the ground at high velocities.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is a big problem for highway drivers. This puts motorcyclists at risk, as it’s easier for distracted drivers to miss their presence.

A motorcycle may be the size of a dot in a car’s side-view mirror, which is why it is so easy for them to be missed.

Driving under the influence (DUI)

Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be just as dangerous for motorcyclists. When people are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their reaction times are greatly slowed down, making it harder to avoid an accident.

With a car, this could mean clipping someone’s bumper. With a motorcycle, this would mean a much more severe injury as there is less protective material around the driver. Drivers under the influence are criminally negligent. Victims of this type of accident may be entitled to punitive damages.

Contact a Port St. Lucie motorcycle accident lawyer today

Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyers from Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath understand the pain and suffering victims endure after a collision. There is a misconception that motorcyclists are reckless, which we know isn’t true. In fact, they are often the victims of other drivers’ careless actions. And motorcycle accident victims are often more severely injured than those in cars or trucks because of their lack of protection.

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath will seek the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Contact us today to speak with an experienced lawyer about your case.

Motorcycle accident questions and answers

How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit?

The statute of limitations dictates how long you have to file a claim. For motorcycle crashes in Florida, this time is four years from the date of the accident.

You should hire an attorney as soon as possible after your motorcycle crash so they can help ensure that all evidence is not lost and that you do not miss the filing deadline.

How much does a motorcycle accident lawyer cost?

Motorcycle accident lawyers can be expensive, which can deter victims from hiring the lawyer they need to fight for them.

However, Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath operate on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay our motorcycle accident lawyer fees if we win your case. With a contingency fee, you will never owe money out of pocket for motorcycle accident attorney services.

What if I was partially to blame for my motorcycle accident?

You may share some liability for your motorcycle accident. However, that does not mean that you forfeit your right to damages.

In Florida, there is a comparative liability statute. This means that insurance companies will look at all aspects of an accident to determine how much each person involved in the motorcycle collision is liable.

Your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault that you are found to have. This sounds complicated, but it’s not. Essentially, if you were 15% responsible for an accident, your compensation of $100,000 would be reduced to $85,000. That’s a 15% reduction.

What if a loved one died in a motorcycle accident?

If a motorcycle accident is fatal, your family members may be able to pursue wrongful death claims.

There are also special damages that are available after motorcycle deaths, including loss of companionship and funeral expenses. Wrongful death cases are unique in that families can claim damages for their deceased loved one and themselves.

For example, you can claim the expenses of the funeral for the deceased. The family can also claim their own pain and suffering, loss of wages from their income, and loss of consortium. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you collect these damages.

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