On the evening before Thanksgiving, our client was working his normal job as a tow-truck driver. As he went to help a stranded motorist, he parked his tow truck on the side of the road and got out to talk to the other driver. Despite the truck’s indicator showing that it was in the “park” position, the tow truck rolled over our client. He suffered numerous catastrophic injuries including losing his leg as a result of the accident. He spent nearly a year and a half in the hospital.

Our client and his wife originally worked with a different Florida product liability attorney. After their case had been in litigation for almost a year, the other attorney turned down their case, leaving them scared and unsure what to do next.

After hiring prominent engineers and experts from across the country, our firm determined that a defect in the shift system caused the unintended vehicle movement. Four component manufacturers vigorously defended the case with expert depositions across the country. On the eve of trial, several defendants confidentially settled their aspects of the case, but our attorneys spent two days in a trial until the final defendant offered fair compensation to our clients.

Thanks to the firm’s efforts, our client does not need to worry about his future needs.