Todd Fronrath secures $4.4 million recovery for injured man and three Cuban nationals following catastrophic crash

In January 2013, Lewis Pacheco came to the United States from Cuba in an attempt to make a better life for his family. Upon arriving in the United States, Mr. Pacheco began working so he could earn enough money to bring his three children to the United States from Cuba. Unfortunately, on as a passenger. As Mr. Pacheco and Mr. Palenzuela traveled on US 27 in Glades County, Florida, their vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor. As a result of the severe collision, Mr. Pacheco was killed, and Mr. Palenezuela sustained serious injuries. Mr. Palenzuela’s injuries ultimately required him to undergo two spine surgeries. Mr. Fronrath led a lawsuit on the behalf of Mr. Palenzuela and Mr. Pacheco’s three surviving children who were living in Cuba at the time of the crash. Due to the fact that Mr. Pacheco’s three surviving children were Cuban nationals residing in Cuba throughout the litigation of the case, they were not allowed to travel to Florida to testify about the loss of their father. As such, Mr. Fronrath obtained all the necessary documentation to travel to Cuba for ve days to secure the children’s testimony for use if the case went to trial. Mr. Fronrath ultimately resolved the case for $4.4 million dollars. While no amount of money can replace the love and support of a father, Mr. Pacheco’s surviving children’s financial future is secure. Additionally, the compensation received by Mr. Palenzuela greatly assisted him with lost wages and past and future medical care and treatment.