Our 23-year-old client was driving to his aunt’s home on I-95 when the left rear tire on his SUV sustained a tread separation causing him to lose control. The vehicle left the road and rolled several times before hitting a wall and ejecting our client. Despite heroic efforts by fire rescue personnel to save him, he did not survive.

Our Florida products liability attorney investigated the cause of the accident and determined that the tire on the vehicle was defective and should not have failed in the manner in which it did. Our firm sued the tire manufacturer for design and manufacturing defects as well as the vehicle manufacturer for stability problems with the SUV. After the suit was filed, the parties engaged in an extensive discovery that included our attorneys traveling to rural Kentucky to take depositions of former tire company employees who worked at the now closed factory where the failed tire was manufactured. The parties reached a confidential settlement before trial. We will hold any party responsible for damages. Contact us today.