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From artificial knees to breast implants, medical devices do everything from improving the quality of life to making people feel better about the way they look. These devices have to meet strict FDA guidelines before they are released to the public.Even so, they often malfunction.

How Defective Devices Make It to the Marketplace

While the FDA does its best to protect people, defective devices make it to the marketplace every year. First, it’s important to understand that trials often consist of a few hundred patients, and the trials typically don’t include real-life situations. Because of that, it is easy for faulty devices to squeak through.

In addition, physicians often prescribe devices outside of their intended use. That puts the patient at an increased risk.

Common Failures

While any devices can fail, some medical devices are more prone to failure than others are. If you have one of these devices, it is important that you stay in tune with your body to see if you notice any signs of failure. That way, you can report an issue before you end up with a serious illness or injury.

Breast implants are one of the most common devices that fail. They can burst and hurt the immune system.

Pacemakers also cause problems. If they stop or fail, your heart will go out of rhythm. This can be fatal.

Heart valve implants also cause many problems. They often leak, which can be fatal. If you have an implant, keep all of your scheduled doctor appointments so your valve can be monitored.

Sterilization Problems

Along with problems with the devices themselves, physicians often fail to sterilize the equipment properly. This leads to infections and other serious problems.

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