defective tires

When you’re injured in a car accident caused by defective tires, can you hold someone else responsible for your pain and suffering? Yes, with a defective product liability lawsuit.

For many, this answer leads to more questions. What is product liability and who can you sue when a defective tire causes an accident? 

Under Florida law, those involved in the tire’s manufacture, design, formulation, installation, and so on may be held liable if negligence or subpar safety standard adherence led to your injury. 

Product liability claims can lead to compensation for lost income, medical expenses, mental anguish, and more.


Product Liability and Defective Tires

Filing a product liability lawsuit for defective tires will require proof that the defect in question directly led to your injury. There are few other conditions that need to be met to file a successful defective product liability lawsuit. 

That’s why you must work with an experienced Florida defective product attorney who knows how to build the strongest case possible.


Common Types of Defective Product Liability Lawsuits 

  • Defective design
  • Defective manufacturing
  • Failure to provide instructions for proper product use
  • Failure to warn about product risk

Defects can happen throughout a product’s supply chain and manifest in various ways, such as tread separation or tire blowouts. Tire blowouts happen when your tire suddenly pops, losing air and forcing your car to swerve. They can be caused by tread separation, which is when the tire’s tread separates from the belt that lies underneath it.

In cases in which there are multiple instances of negligence or faulty actions throughout the supply chain, you may be able to sue multiple parties. Florida law allows total liability to be split into specific percentages of fault based on each party’s contribution to the defect and your injuries.

You may also file a product liability claim if a defect worsened the injuries sustained in a crash or similar circumstance. For example, if you were in a crash caused by defective tires, you may have suffered injuries specifically due to the tires. However, those injuries may be exacerbated by the presence of other defects, such as a faulty seatbelt.


What if the tire defect was caused during installation?

When your tire is installed by professionals, they might mistakenly damage it or even install it incorrectly. In such cases, you may be able to sue the organization or business responsible for installing your tires. 

While this defect may not have occurred in the traditional supply chain, it still was caused by professional negligence. An experienced attorney will know what options are available to you.


What should I do if I was hurt in a car accident caused by defective tires?

Contact a Florida defective tire accident attorney today.

According to Florida law, you have up to four years from the date of an accident to file a liability lawsuit. 

Car accidents are scary, traumatic, and exhausting events that may leave you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of adding more to your plate by pursuing legal action. 

However, a defective tires liability lawsuit can help you get the compensation you need to pay for medical bills, loss of income, and other damages, such as car repair costs. In addition, your defective tires claim can help force the repair of the defect so others don’t share your fate.

Working with an expert Florida defective product attorney will allow you to focus on your recovery while still fighting for your rights. At Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, we help you get the compensation you need when you need it. 

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