Intrauterine devices, also known as IUDs, are T-shaped contraceptives that can be inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy for years at a time. IUDs can be hormonal, like Mirena, or wrapped in copper. The Mirena IUD can also be prescribed for issues other than preventing pregnancy, such as endometriosis. Mirena IUD medical malpractice lawsuits are serious and should be handled by an experienced product liability attorney. 

As with any medical procedure or treatment, there are inherent risks and those caused by medical error. According to Florida law, medical malpractice occurs when a medical practitioner’s negligence results in an injury or death. That means any negligence by a medical provider regarding a Mirena IUD can result in a medical malpractice Mirena IUD lawsuit. 

Here are some common types of negligence that may appear in medical malpractice Mirena IUD lawsuits.


Insertion/Extraction Error

IUDs must be inserted and removed by a medical professional, which means opting for this birth control requires undergoing medical procedures otherwise avoided with other methods, such as pills, patches, rings, and shots. 

Unfortunately, it’s possible for Mirena IUDs to be inserted incorrectly, causing pain, bleeding, and issues such as uterine perforation, which can lead to IUD migration. When an IUD migrates, it can perforate other organs, cause infections, and require surgical removal. In at least one case, IUD migration and organ perforation ultimately required a hysterectomy. 

Like other IUD brands, organ perforation is an inherent risk of the Mirena IUD. As this is an inherent risk, it’s important that you get prompt medical attention and pursue legal action if you believe your perforation was specifically caused by your medical provider’s negligence. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will know what options are available to you.


Prescription Error

As with most medical treatments, there are contraindications for Mirena IUDs. Contraindications are specific circumstances in which the device or treatment may prove harmful to the patient. When it comes to Mirena IUDs, you should not use this device if you are sensitive to progestin, allergic to silica, or have fibroid tumors. 

If your medical provider knew about a contraindication or should have reasonably known about a contraindication and still suggested or installed the device, you may be able to file a medical malpractice Mirena IUD lawsuit.


Anesthesia Error

During the insertion or removal process, your medical provider may opt to use local cervical anesthesia. Anesthesia requires meticulous attention to be used correctly. Incorrect dosage or use can result in severe injuries and death. 


Failure to Inform/Lack of Informed Consent

Under Florida law, you can sue for lack of informed consent.

Informed consent is when you are told about the risks that accompany whatever procedure or treatment you are about to undergo. You are entitled to know the full risks and possible unintended consequences of any procedure so that you can make an informed decision to either opt in, opt out, or opt for a different treatment.

If your medical provider fails to correctly and thoroughly inform you of the risks that come with opting for a Mirena IUD, they can be held liable for resulting injuries, especially if you would have avoided the IUD had you been informed. 


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Florida law requires you to file a medical malpractice lawsuit within two years of the injury itself or two years of the discovery of the injury. 

While that may sound like a long time, Florida medical malpractice cases are complicated and require an intricate set of steps before the lawsuit can even be filed. This includes a plaintiff pre-suit investigation, pre-suit notification, prospective defendant investigation, and more. 

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