student hit by police suv

The safety of children in the community should be an extremely high priority, especially in areas where there are a lot of students, such as in school zones. Students also need to exercise good judgment as they are traveling to and from school, so that they do not put themselves in harm’s way.

The circumstances leading up the incident are not fully known at this time, but a student was transported to a local hospital after a crash involving a scooter. It has been reported that the student suffered non-life threatening injuries as a result of the accident, which can be viewed as a positive update.

The student was apparently riding their black scooter outside the Solara at the intersection of South Shore Boulevard and Polo Gardens Drive, which is where the crash took place. The scooter was found underneath an SUV belonging to the sheriff’s office. Additional cruisers as well as a Homicide unit vehicle were present at the scene.
It’s unknown whether the SUV was involved in the wreck, or whether it arrived after the incident took place.

The location of the accident is somewhat worrisome, as it is located two miles from Wellington Community High School and New Horizons Elementary School.

The identity of the student has not been released to the public, and it is not known whether the student attended either one of the above listed schools.

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath is relieved to hear that the student survived the incident, and will remain plugged into this story along with the rest of the community. If you or someone you know is involved in a motor vehicle accident, please call us at (561) 655-1990.