96 year old dies in crash

There isn’t any loss of life that doesn’t come with its share of tragedy and sadness, but it’s difficult to read about an accident that killed someone in their nineties. Reaching the elusive age of 100 is something to celebrate, sadly 96-year-old Rae Finander won’t reach that milestone due to the unfortunate events that took place on September 20.

Rae’s husband Sidney, who’s an astonishing 99 years old, was driving Rae in their 2015 Honda Accord heading south on Jog Road at approximately 5:30pm. As he was turning left onto Normandy Lane, a Chevy Corvette traveling north on Jog Road crashed into the Finanders’ car. 

Rae, Sidney, and the driver of the Corvette were all transported to Delray Medical Center. Sidney and the other driver suffered minor injuries and are expected to fully recover. Unfortunately, Rae wasn’t as fortunate, as she succumbed to her injuries that evening. 

There aren’t enough words to convey the sense of despair felt for the Finander family, especially for Rae’s longtime husband who survived the accident. During rush hour and times of significant activity on the road, it’s important for all parties to be extremely careful before making any sudden turns.

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