For the family and friends of a motor vehicle accident victim, it may seem like justice for the alleged perpetrator can take forever. Those who know 49-year-old Gerald Fortere likely wanted swift and consequential punishment for the person responsible for the accident that critically injured him on June 6. 

As Fortere continues to recover from life threatening ailments suffered as a result of the accident, there’s been a significant update with regards to the legal situation surrounding the other driver involved. 

Clayton Renaldo Millwood has been arrested for 10 separate charges and is being held at the Broward County Jail on $100,000 bond. 

Millwood was driving his 2009 Acura MDX 72 mph in a 35 mph zone, over twice the speed limit in the area. Millwood failed to stop at a red light in the 2900 block of Hallandale Beach Boulevard, smashing into Fortere’s 2006 BMW 325i at a high rate of speed.

Fortere, Millwood, Millwood’s girlfriend, and a three year-old child were all taken to Memorial Regional Hospital after the incident. The latter three parties were reported to sustain minor injuries, while Fortere’s injuries were much more serious.

35-year-old Millwood admitted to speeding, having a suspended license, possessing a fake license plate, and driving without insurance. He was detained in late September for several traffic violations, child abuse, cannabis possession, and reckless driving. 

As Millwood faces a long list of charges, the community will certainly be watching to see what type of punishment is levied.

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