700 pedestrian deaths florida

It’s difficult not to enjoy the beautiful weather in South Florida in any way we can, whether that’s simply going out for a walk with a friend, walking to do errands, or being engaged in an outdoor hobby. Unfortunately, Florida has one of the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities, including 696 deaths in 2020 alone which was a decrease from prior years.

On the afternoon of November 3, a pedestrian who was walking on Skees Road was struck by a vehicle and lost their life on impact; their identity has not been released. 

37-year-old Fayez Homasi was behind the wheel of a 1994 Toyota Supra heading north on Skees Road when he lost control of his vehicle. Homasi’s vehicle spun clockwise and veered off the road in a scary turn of events.

While the Supra started its rotational spiraling, it struck the pedestrian, continued to spin, and smacked into a utility pole, where it then rotated in the reverse direction. Eventually, the Supra came to a full stop in nearby bushes.

The investigation remains ongoing, and it is unclear whether Homasi will eventually be criminally charged for the incident. 

Stories covering this accident clearly communicate that the speed limit for this area was 40 MPH, which may lead some to believe that the Supra was traveling at a speed greater than that. While that has not been confirmed at this time, it’s an important reminder to respect the rules of the road, including abiding by all posted speed limits.

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