Splashing around with relatives and friends is another perk that South Floridians enjoy. Unfortunately, this took a dark turn during the afternoon hours of October 22.

Harbourside Place was the location of the electrocution of five people, one of whom did not survive the shock. Reports indicate that these individuals were playing in the fountain area of the complex when the unexpected jolt took place.

“That’s supposed to be a fun thing to do go in the fountain and splash around and then that happens…crazy,” said Stephanie Greenberg, who works close to where the incident took place. Via WPTV.com.

Allegedly, there are signs near the fountain area that state people are not supposed to climb or swim in that location.

The aftermath

Three of the five injured people were children who were transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, and are continuing to recuperate.

The two injured adults were taken to Jupiter Medical Center. One of the adults was released from the facility, while the other died there. The identity of the deceased, or their relationship to the children can’t be confirmed, but Greenberg indicates that the adult who passed away may have been their father.

“He (Greenberg’s friend) left the child with the paramedics and went to go help the dad…and he couldn’t help,” Greenberg said. Via WPTV.com.

Authorities looking into this matter given the nature of what took place. The town of Jupiter Building Department, Harbourside Place management, and Florida Power and Light are working on the investigation together.

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