pedestrian hit and run glades road

It’s not natural to stop and think that the current day might be your last. While a feeling of immortality is also not reasonable, people generally live their lives thinking they have plenty of time to accomplish what they seek to do. 

However, one tragic event can dramatically short-circuit that timeline, without any advanced warning. This was the case for a pedestrian crossing Glades Road in the early hours of the morning on August 4. The individual was hit by a car progressing in the westbound lanes, and sadly did not survive the collision. Local authorities welcome anyone with information to contact the Boca Raton Police Department, as the car fled the scene of the incident.

“Our traffic homicide investigators are working really hard today to put the pieces together and bring justice to the victim and the victim’s family,” said Jessica Desir, public information officer. “So, anyone with information please just give us a call.” Via

The police have slowly been able to pull together some details about the vehicle which crashed into the pedestrian. A Nissan Rogue, with a model made somewhere in the 2008-2014 range, has been verified. The car has been described as light-colored by some surveillance video captured by a business in the immediate vicinity of the incident. 

Based on the nature of the impact with the pedestrian, the Nissan Rogue is expected to have damages to the front part of the vehicle, including potentially compromised headlights.

There have also been reports that a second car also struck the pedestrian and fled the scene. 

Due to Marsy’s Law, the deceased’s identity has not yet been revealed, although the family has been made aware of the incident.

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